The LMI Archives

The archives document the history of Liverpool Medical Library, later joining with Liverpool Medical Society to form Liverpool Medical Institution, from 1779 to the present.

Liverpool doctors have contributed significant developments in medicine and we are fortunate to have a few of their personal papers. Of particular interest are those of Hugh Owen Thomas (a pioneer of orthopaedics), his nephew Sir Robert Jones (orthopaedic surgeon) and David Waldie (one of the first to use chloroform for general anaesthesia).


In addition we hold archives of medical societies with strong ties with the Institution.

Other good resources for archives enquiries regarding medicine and health in Liverpool are:

Access to the Archives

The archive collections are available to all Members of Liverpool Medical Institution as part of their annual subscription.  Non-members and interested researchers wishing to access the historical collections should apply to the Business Manager for further information. An appointment is necessary in advance of any visit.