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Lectures and social events are held from October to June. The programme is varied and most meetings have an appeal for several specialities, and may be of sufficiently broad interest to attract non-medically qualified partners and friends.  The Institution is able to attract speakers of international renown. The programme includes endowed eponymous lectures and some joint meetings with specialist societies.


Programme: 184th Session, 2023-2024

President - Professor Calum Semple

The format for each evening is refreshments for members from 6pm, followed by a lecture at 7pm. If you are an LMI member, please email or call (0151) 709 9125 to book your place; non-members can book using the Eventbrite links below. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge for these events.


Please note that the timings for the evening and the procedure for booking are different for the Henry Cohen Lecture, there is more information below. For this event please book online using the link given to reserve your free place - this applies to both members and non-members.

Please also note that the lecture on 24th April (Dr Tydeman and Professor Weeks) begins at 6.30pm rather than 7pm.

Wednesday 10th January 2024: Professor Ian Sinha

Title: Child Poverty in the UK and its Impact on Health

Ian Sinha is a consultant respiratory paediatrician at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where he is clinical effectiveness and outcomes co-lead. He is an Honorary Clinical Professor in Child Health at the University of Liverpool. His clinical interests are asthma, neonatal lung disease, and breathlessness and his academic interests are Evidence-Based Medicine, and the impact of poverty on child health. His other roles include national respiratory audit program (NRAP) paediatric clinical lead, NHS England NW paediatric asthma lead, Co-Chief investigator for the NIHR-funded ASYMPTOMATIC RCT in childhood asthma and specialty topic advisor for the NICE Asthma guidelines committee.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Thursday 18th January 2024: Dr Gemma Ahearne

Title: Contested Perceptions of Vulnerability: Sex Workers and Stigma

Dr Gemma Ahearne is Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool. Gemma has 21 years' experience of the sex industry, and is interested in contested perceptions of vulnerability, and the displacement of harms.  Gemma is a proud Dyslexic and likes to do things differently.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Wednesday 31st January 2024: Joint Meeting with the Merseyside Branch of the Institute of Physics: Professor Richard Shaw

Title: Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

Richard Shaw is Professor of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Liverpool’s Cancer Research Centre, and an Honorary Consultant in Oral & Maxillofacial/Head and Neck Surgery at Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He graduated in Bristol and Glasgow from primary degrees in dentistry and medicine. After surgical training in Glasgow, Richard moved to Liverpool in 2001 to undertake higher training in OMFS and subsequently a head & neck oncology fellowship.  Integrated within this clinical training, Richard completed his thesis as a RCSEng Research Fellow, as well as DoH Genetics in Healthcare Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA. Richard was appointed to Liverpool University and Aintree in 2007, gaining his personal chair in 2012. Richard co-chairs the Mersey Head & Neck Oncology Research Group (MHNORG), an expanding and vibrant multidisciplinary collaboration of clinicians and scientists committed to improving understanding and treatment of malignancies of the mouth, throat and larynx.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Thursday 8th February 2024: Mr Nikhil Misra

Title: KnifeSavers

After being stabbed, a person can bleed to death in just 5 minutes. A rapid response ambulance often takes 7 minutes to arrive at the scene. KnifeSavers wants everyone to be able to stop the bleeding - keeping someone alive for long enough to get them an ambulance, and get them to hospital. This is knowledge that no-one can afford to be without. KnifeSavers was founded by Mr Nikhil Misra and his colleagues at the Major Trauma Centre at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, in conjunction with victims of knife trauma and their families. Mr Misra is a specialist Surgeon in emergency and trauma surgery, originally from the city of Liverpool, and trained in Bristol and Cambridge. Member of the Faculty of Education of the Royal College of Surgeons, teaching on the internationally renowned Royal College trauma surgery course, with multiple academic presentations at international and national scientific conferences in the field of major trauma care.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Wednesday 28th February 2024: Professor Sir John Edmunds OBE

Title: The Role of Modelling for Decision-Making

John Edmunds is Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His research focuses on modelling the spread of infectious diseases and the design of efficient control programmes. He has published over 350 peer-review articles on topics ranging from chlamydia screening to the economic impact of pandemics. He has sat as an adviser on several national and international committees, including SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies); the UK’s pandemic modelling committee SPI-M; various JCVI subgroups; CEPI’s Scientific Advisory Committee and WHO’s Polio Research Committee. He was awarded an OBE in 2016, became a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2018, and received a knighthood in recognition of his influential work during the COVID-19 pandemic in the New Year’s Honours 2024.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Thursday 14th March 2024: Henry Cohen History of Medicine Lecture 2024

The lecture will start at 17:30, with a drinks reception to follow afterwards from 18:30-19:30. All attendees will need to complete the registration process, including LMI members: Please Click Here

Title: Decolonising global health: what can history contribute?

Professor Martin Gorsky

In recent years debate over how global health can be ‘decolonised’ has gained increasing traction.  Public health practitioners operate in a world that is characterised by gross inequities in health outcomes and access to services.  Resources for programmes are heavily skewed, and Western nations too often set the agenda for interventions on behalf of others. Decolonial theorists argue that these inequalities are rooted in past histories of economic and cultural imperialism dating from the period of European colonialism and lingering long into the era of independence.  How can this be changed?  Such concerns have sharpened since the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, which, against the backdrop of COVID 19, underscored how social and health inequalities are still determined by race and ethnicity. Universities too have been at the centre of these debates since the student-led ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movements in Cape Town and Oxford.  These dramatized the historic inequities in higher education, with respect to the curriculum, the composition of staff and students, and the global imbalance in research capacity and funding.  
The talk will first discuss the political context of this moment. It then describes two projects at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine through which historians have sought to respond.  The first is a research report examining the School’s own colonial entanglements, from its origin at the zenith of British imperialism till the era of formal decolonization. The second is a teaching module designed for our public health students introducing non-historians to colonialism and coloniality. It will then explore some of the potential gains, challenges and implications of this work.  


Martin Gorsky is Professor of History at the Centre for History in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  His research area is the modern history of health systems and policy and currently centres on a Wellcome Trust-funded project examining the history of planning and systems analysis in international health between the 1920s and 2010. He also leads projects on the colonial history of the LSHTM and on the history of charitable hospital funding under the British NHS.  Recent books include V. Berridge, M. Gorsky & A. Mold, Public Health in History, 2011 and M. Gorsky,  J. Pons Pons & M. Vilar-Rodríguez eds. The Political Economy of the Hospital in History: the construction, funding and management of public and private hospital systems, 2020.















Wednesday 27th March 2024: Professor Cath Noakes

Title: Environmental Transmission of Respiratory Infections - From Science to Policy

Cath Noakes is a chartered mechanical engineer, with a background in fluid dynamics. She leads research into ventilation, indoor air quality and infection control in the built environment using experimental and modelling-based studies. She is co-director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics and Deputy Director of the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics. From April 2020-2022 she was a participant in the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) where she co-chaired the Environment and Modelling sub-focusing on the science underpinning environmental transmission of COVID-19. She has also contributed to numerous advisory and working groups including with WHO and the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2023 she was awarded the Royal Society Gabor medal for her contribution to interdisciplinary science in understanding transmission of infection.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Thursday 11th April 2024: Professor Kate Ardern

Title: People, Place, Poverty & Politics Matter: Lessons for Pandemic Planning & Response

Honorary Professor of Public Health Salford University, Visiting Professor of Public Health Chester University formerly Director of Public Health and Chief Emergency Planning Officer, Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Combined Authority Lead DPH for Health Protection and Emergency Planning

Kate read Medicine at Manchester University and has an MSc in Epidemiology and Health. She was awarded Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health 2006. In addition to her honorary academic roles, she is a member of General Advisory Council of the Kings Fund, expert member of Lord Filkin’s “A Covenant for Health” commission, public Health advisor to the Impact Investing Institute Place Coalition, local systems expert on Liverpool University’s NIHR Emerging New Infections and Zoonoses Research Group and co-chairs Reform think tank’s “Reimaging Health” advisory council. She is one of the expert contributors to Debbie Abrahams MP’s new documentary “The Unequal Pandemic” which was launched in Parliament in Sept 2023. Since retiring in July 2022 Kate has become a Service Improvement Associate for the Local Government Association and a Population Health Associate for the Kings Fund. She regularly works with the British Academy contributing to their work on health inequalities and health protection.
Initially working in secondary care, Kate specialised in public health in 1990. She became the country’s first consultant in health protection based in Liverpool n 1998 and then her first DPH role in South Liverpool Primary Care Trust in 2002 and senior public health roles in Cheshire Strategic Health Authority and NHS North West 
In 2008 Kate was appointed as a joint DPH between NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan and Wigan Council. In addition to being Director of Public Health, she also was the Borough’s Chief Emergency Planning Officer.  Kate was also the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Lead DPH for Health Protection and Emergency Planning, co-chairing the GM Local Health Resilience Partnership and a member of the Greater Manchester Resilience Forum. 
Throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic, Kate was a core member of the Greater Manchester Strategic Coordinating Group leading the development of GM’s successful integrated contract tracing system and was a senior adviser in attendance at the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Emergency Committee appearing at several of his press conferences and making regular media appearances as the public health spokesperson for Greater Manchester.  

In recognition of her contribution to pandemic response, the Financial Times named her as one of their eighteen international “Women of the Year 2020”.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Wednesday 24th April 2024: Dr Graham Tydeman and Professor Andrew Weeks, Lecture: 6.30pm

Title: Innovations to Improve Outcomes from Postpartum Haemorrhage: Two Inventors Speak

Dr Graham Tydeman

Graham Tydeman is a maker. He is a polymath artist in sculpture, automatons, furniture and medical devices. Still occasionally practising as a consultant obstetrician, he has developed several medical devices and training manikins. The Tydeman Tube (TT) is his most recent and perhaps most important contribution designed to relieve the Impacted Foetal Head at caesarean section. He is the inventor of the Blood Clock which will be installed at Liverpool Medical Institution.

Professor Andrew Weeks

Andrew Weeks is Professor of International Maternal Health Care at the University of Liverpool and an NIHR Senior Investigator.  Andrew Weeks’ primary interest is in the translation of maternity care from high to low-resource settings. He has a particular interest in misoprostol (he runs the website), postpartum haemorrhage and the management of labour. He has an interest in developing medical technologies and has patented 3 devices. One, the PPH Butterfly has been funded in 2 successive grants by the NIHR i4i fund for over £1 million. It was 2015 Innovation of the Year in the NIHR NW Coast Research and Innovations awards and a finalist in the 2015 Plastics Industry Awards.

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Thursday 9th May 2024: Prof. Laurence J. Alison, MBE

Title: Least Worst First Decision Making

Professor Alison MBE focuses on high profile critical and major incidents from disaster management to terrorism. He has over 30 years of experience working on applied projects for Law enforcement and the security services. He currently provides training to FBI/CIA/DoD, The UKs National CT interviewing cadre and the British Army in the ORBIT framework for rapport-based interrogation methods.

He was key psychological advisor on over 450 critical and major incidents debriefs including the 7/7 bombings, the Sharm El Sheik attacks, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and the preparations for the London Olympics. He was key advisor and research on a child sexual exploitation project that resulted in the largest operation in UK police history and which, across a 6-month period, led to the arrest of over 1,200 offenders, the safeguarding of over 1,000 children and a cost saving to UK government of £15million. He has over 200 published articles, books, edited books and government and industry reports. 

He was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours list 2020 for services to critical incident handling and to the NHS during COVID-19. 
He is currently working on projects associated with decision making and choice selection in environments where all choices look bad. A consequence of this is very often decision inertia - a failure to act in time (or at all). Laurence will discuss approaches to avoid decision inertia and touch briefly on how this may be augmented by future technologies. 

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Wednesday 22nd May 2024: Professor Sondos Albadri

Title: Addressing Children’s Oral Health Disparities: Working Together for A Better Future

Sondos Albadri is a Professor and Honorary consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.  Sondos graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 1997 with a BDS and completed her PhD from Queens University Belfast in 2001. She is currently the School of Dentistry Vice Dean for Research and postgraduate studies. Sondos’s research is focused on clinical, and patient-reported outcomes. She has research collaborations in dental Trauma, prevention, behaviour change and inflammatory disease in children. Sondos has published and co-authored many peer-reviewed publications and more recently published a textbook “Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner.   She is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons England Faculty in Dental Surgery board and chair of its research committee; she is also a member of the EAPD Educational Committee.  Sondos is the past president of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and is currently the Chair of the tri-collegiate membership examination in Paediatric Dentistry. 

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here

Thursday 6th June 2024: Mr Ramana Dhannapuneni

Title: Healing Little Hearts

Healing Little Hearts provides free heart surgery to babies and children in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Mr Ramana Dhannapuneni has volunteered with the Healing Little Hearts Charity since 2009. He has performed over 400 open heart surgeries for the charity in 5 countries. He received the Heart Hero (Health Care) award from the British Heart Foundation in 2019.

Ram has been a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK since 2010 and also works at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. His special interests include neonatal heart surgery, complex intra-cardiac and bi-ventricular repairs, pectus and chest wall reconstructive surgery, humanitarian surgery and international work. 

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here

Wednesday 26th June 2024: Dr Sian Falder

Title: Saving Lives or Making Monsters? Burns – tackling a neglected global public health crisis in the 21st Century

The WHO has described burns as the forgotten global public health crisis. In low-income countries and conflict settings, burn patients often receive delayed, inadequate or inappropriate treatment leading to unnecessary suffering, disfigurement, disability or death.

Sian Falder has been a consultant in burns and plastic surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital since 2008. She qualified in Medicine from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School and has a BSc in the History of Medicine. She trained in plastic surgery in Bristol, Merseyside and Australia and holds a Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Sian is a clinical teacher within Liverpool University. She has held membership of a number of national burn committees and has many publications in burns and plastics. As Surgical Lead for Interburns, an NGO focusing on improving global burns care Sian has worked for many years on programmes in resource-poor countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, West Bank & Gaza, Tanzania and Pakistan. 

Eventbrite booking link for non-members: Click Here


Henry Cohen Event 2024.pdf.jpg

Symposium on Doctors’ Health - This event has been postponed, we will let you know the new date in due course 


The Merseyside Medical Benevolent Fund invite members and guests to attend an evening symposium entitled Doctors’ Health.

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, this is a critical time for our National Health Service with staff shortages, staff illness and increasing patient numbers. 


Title: Symposium on Doctors’ Health

Meeting: Thursday, 27th April 2023

Time: 6.30pm - Drinks and Canapés, 7.30pm – Meeting


The speakers include:

Dr C C Evans MD FRCP – Chair of Trustees of MMBF

Professor Hazel Scott MD FRCP – Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool

Dr Jenny Holmes MRC Psych - NHS Practitioner Health Programme

Professor David Oliver FRCP – Consultant Physician, Reading and Elected PRCP London


Please book your place via email:, or telephone (0151) 709 9125 if you would like to attend.  There is no charge.  Parking will be reserved for those with accessibility difficulties – please pre-book a place when you register your attendance.



MMBF Mission Statement:

To provide pastoral and financial care to doctors and their immediate families who are practising or have practiced in Merseyside


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