Dr Henry M Alty

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Mr Henry Myers Alty.  Qualified Liverpool 1958.  Died 27th February 2019.

Dr Stuart Bamforth

General Practitioner

Dr John 'Stuart' Bamforth.   Qualified Liverpool 1956.  Died September 2016.

Dr Peter Beckett

General Practitioner


Dr Peter Beckett.  Born 1934.  Qualified Liverpool 1963.  Died 8th January  2018.

Professor Sir Alasdair Breckenridge



Professor Sir Alasdair M Breckenridge.  Qualified MB ChB St Andrews 1961.  Died 12th December 2019.

Mr Clifford Brewer

Consultant Surgeon


Mr Clifford Brewer.  Born 1913.  Qualified Liverpool 1935.  Consultant Surgeon.  Died 29th April 2017 on his 104th birthday.

Dr Geoffrey Brundrett

Public Health Researcher

Dr Geoffrey Brundrett .  Born 1934.  Qualified Liverpool 1955.  Died 2020.

Dr Thomas Norman Calvey

Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist


Mr Thomas Norman Calvey.  Qualified Liverpool 1958.  Died 12th April 2017.

Dr James H E Carmichael

Consultant Radiologist


Dr James Carmichael.  Consultant Radiologist.  Past President of LMI.  Died 26.4.2018, aged 94.

Dr John A Campbell

Consultant Pathologist


Dr John A Campbell.  Consultant Pathologist.  Born 1923.  John qualified from Trinity College, Dublin in 1946.  Died August 2015.

Prof Helen Carty

Professor of Paediatric Radiology


Helen Marie Louise Carty.  Qualified Dublin 1964.  Past President of LMI.  Died 23rd April 2017.

Dr Audrey Couch

Consultant Radiologist


Audrey Couch.  Consultant Radiologist.  Born 1927.  Qualified Liverpool 1953.  Died 20th September 2017.

Mr Reginald Crosbie

Consultant Surgeon


Mr Reginald Crosbie.  Qualified MB ChB, Liverpool 1955, BSc London 1950, ARIC, FRCS Ed, FRCS Eng.  Died 26th January 2018.

Dr John E Dalby

Consultant Radiotherapist, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.


John Edgar Dalby. Born 1926.  Qualified Trinity Hall, Cambridge 1946; M.A; F.R.C.R.  Died after a short illness on 13th November 2019.

Mr Arthur 'Sam' Davidson

Consultant ENT Surgeon, Dean and Regional Advisor in Postgraduate Medicine, Mersey Region


Arthur Samuel Davidson. Born 1919, qualified Liverpool 1942, DLO Eng 1944, FRCS Ed 1950, Consultant ENT Surgeon to Wirral Hospitals, Postgraduate Dean, Mersey Region. Life Member Liverpool Medical Institution, Fell Roy Soc Med.), died following a fractured neck of femur, 24th December, 2016.

Dr Peter Drury

Consultant Anaesthetist


Peter Mary Edward Drury.  Consultant Anaesthetist.  Past President of LMI.  Died 5th April 2017.

Mr John Edwards

Consultant Ophthalmologist


John David Elliott Edwards.  Born 1925.  Qualified Liverpool 1948.  Consultant Ophthalmologist.  Died June 2016.

Dr James Edward Forster

Consultant Physician


Dr James Edward Forster.  Born June 1925.  Qualified 1948.  Died 6th December 2019.

Dr Lavinia Freeborough

General Practitioner


Dr Lavinia Freeborough.  Qualified Liverpool 1950.  Died 13th April 2017.

Dr Sonia Goldrein

General Practitioner


Dr Sonia Hannah Jane Goldrein.  Qualified Durham 1947.  Died 19th September 2016.

Prof Rodney Harris C.B.E.

Professor of Medical Genetics


Prof Rodney Harris C.B.E.  Qualified Liverpool 1958.  Died 7th December 2017.

Dr Donald Campbell Hudson

General Practitioner

Dr Donald Hudson.  Born 1926.  Qualified MB ChB Ed 1949.  Died 1st December 2019.

Dr Lorna Kinloch

General Practitioner

Dr Lorna Creighton Kinloch.  Born 1928.  Qualified Glasgow 1951.  Died 22nd May 2018.

Dr Maurice 'Fred' Levy

General Practitioner


Maurice Frederick 'Fred' Levy.  General Practitioner.  Born 1925.  Qualified Durham 1947.  Died 21st March 2017.

Dr Derek Percy Manning

Consultant in Occupational and Environmental Health


Derek Percy Manning.  Consultant in Occupational and Environmental Health.  Qualified Liverpool 1956.  Died 5th January 2019.

Mr Donald Norwood Menzies

Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Donald Norwood Menzies.  Born 1925.  Qualified Liverpool 1948.  Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  Past President of LMI.  Died 9th August 2017.

Prof Robert Owen, OBE

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Professor Robert Owen, OBE.  Qualified MB BS London 1946.  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Died 7th March 2018.

Mr Alan Patterson

Consultant Ophthalmologist


Mr Alan Patterson.  Qualified Liverpool 1956.  MD, FRCS, FRC Ophth, DO.  Died 23rd November 2017.

Dr Agnes Main Pierce

General Practitioner


Dr Agnes Main Pierce. Qualified Edinburgh 1952. MB, ChB.

Died 22nd April 2020.

Dr H F Valentine Riddle

GP, Regional Medical Officer and Director of Occupational Medicine


Dr Henry Francis Valentine Riddle.  Qualified Liverpool 1959.  Died 17th September 2017.

Dr Joyce Riding

Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Blodwyn Eleanor Joyce Riding.  Qualified Liverpool 1950.  Died 11th December 2017.

Dr John Edmund Riding, CBE

Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr John Edmund Riding.  Qualified Liverpool 1947.  Died 17th June 2018.

Thomas Wilfred Stewart

Consultant Dermatologist


Dr Thomas Wilfred Stewart.  Born 26th May 1931.  Qualified MB ChB Manchester 1955.  Died 21st August 2018.

Dr Eric Toke

General Practitioner


Dr Eric Toke.  General Practitioner.  Born 8th May 1927. Qualified Liverpool 1950.  Died 13th July 2017.

Dr Reginald Yorke

General Practitioner


Dr Reginald Algelo Yorke.  Qualified Liverpool 1954.  Died 10th March 2018.

Professor Sir David Weatherall

Physician and Researcher in Molecular Genetics, Haematology, Pathology and Clinical Medicine


Professor Sir David Weatherall.  Born 9th March 1933.  Qualified Liverpool 1956.  Died 8th December 2018.

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