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The Royal College of Physicians is celebrated its 500th birthday in 2018. In honour of this historic milestone, the Liverpool Medical Institution and the Royal College of Physicians jointly commissioned a series of four public medical history lectures. 

You can find out more about the history of the RCP on their heritage website.

The lectures will be held at the Liverpool Medical Institution, they are free to attend and all are welcome. Please see below for more details and to book:


Given Thursday 22nd March 2018:

‘From  the  Street  to  the  Clinic  via  the  Club:   How Medical Communities Emerge and Survive’

Professor Sally Sheard describes the influence of space and place on the development of medicine, with a focus on Rodney Street, Liverpool medicine and the influence, for better or worse, of the medical club.

Chaired by Simon Bowman


Given Thursday 21st June 2018:

‘AIDS: Past, Present & Future’

Professor Colm O'Mahony charts the change over 30 years of this once unknown condition from killer status to chronic management, from media adversity to acceptance and reflects on the amazing science that has brought us to this point. 

Chaired by Professor Sir Ian Gilmore


Given Thursday 20th September 2018:

‘Edward Jenner (1749 - 2018)’

Professor Gareth Williams explores the work and legacy of Edward Jenner. Jenner is often described as the Father of Vaccination, the Founder of Immunology, and one of the most blessed saints in the history of medicine. In fact, he was none of those things, and is all the more fascinating as a result.

And no, that's not a typo in the title!

Chaired by Clive Constable

Jenner 1.png

Given Thursday 8th November 2018:

‘The Royal College of Physicians and the Politics of Healthcare 2018’

Professor Raymond Tallis is a philosopher, poet, novelist and cultural critic and was until recently a physician and clinical scientist. He spoke on the political context of the development of healthcare and the RCP. 

Chaired by Colm O'Mahony

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