A two day intensive course for Year 12 students considering a medical career



Are you in Year 12 and considering a career in medicine?

Are you wondering whether it is right for you?

LMI may be able to help you make a clear and informed decision. Our annual medical careers conference is organised by medical professionals and gives a great opportunity to explore medical training and careers from the insider’s point of view, in addition to some essential advice about how to apply successfully.


The course provides first hand feedback and advice from medical students and professionals on such topics as:


  • The choice of medical schools available across the UK (from current medical undergraduates)

  • The different types of medical course and tuition (from senior university lecturers)

  • The admission process: what you need to know, and how not to mess it up (from medical admissions staff)

  • The interview: what it involves and how to prepare (from medical admissions staff)

  • Foundation and specialty medical training (from medical trainees and specialists)

  • Different types of medical career and specialty and what they involve (from medical specialists)

  • Advice on managing money during medical degree studies (from current medical undergraduates)


If you would like to find out more about these topics then this course is for you. The course has now been running for thirty-three years and is continually adapted based on attendee feedback and the current medical career structures to provide a useful and relevant resource concentrating on the topics most helpful to those contemplating medicine. We regret that due to time constraints we are not able to provide interview practice or hospital experience during this course. We do organise demonstrations of various specialties in hospital departments or similar, but these are short “taster” sessions designed to provide some small insight and light relief from the intensive nature of the rest of the course.  We would encourage individual students to secure work experience appropriate to their career choice.


We offer both residential and day-only places registration for the course. If you do not live in an area within easy travelling distance of Liverpool, overnight accommodation can be arranged at a city centre hotel close to the Liverpool Medical Institution. For those who select the residential option, please note that an individual room will be provided for each person, and the cost of accommodation is included in the total cost of the course. For many this may be an early experience of being away from home and we continue to think of this as a ‘residential’ course providing good opportunities for interaction with others agonising over the same problems. We try to provide activity for the entire duration of the course. However, we cannot provide 24 hour supervision, and we also expect good, safe and responsible behaviour from all those who attend the course.

Please click the buttons below to find out more. Applications can be made online, or, if you prefer a hard copy, you can download one when available.