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12th & 13th october 2017

About the Practical Cognition Course

This course is for consultants and trainees who want to develop their practical expertise in cognitive assessment and relate this to clinically relevant neuroscience.

Problems with cognitive function are widespread among patients with neurological disease and can cause profound disability. As clinicians, however, we frequently struggle to assess and treat these cognitive difficulties. Whilst recent developments in cognitive neuroscience had led to an explosion in the understanding of how brain disease affect core psychological functions, these findings rarely make it from the journals to the clinic. This course aims to bridge that gap in a way that will help all clinicians and not just aficionados.

The course is designed for consultants and trainees in adult neurology, psychiatry, clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine. There will be a practical introductory session followed by four half day sessions that all include a series of case presentations with discussion of the assessment, diagnosis and management of common cognitive syndromes. The course begins and ends with the patient, and the case presentations will include video material that illustrates disorders that neurologists, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists might realistically see in their usual practice. Each session includes a talk from an invited expert, who will provide a framework for understanding the clinically relevant neuroscience.

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