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About the Exhibition

The three day exhibition took place in October 2014. It featured a re-created trench system and casualty clearing station, designed and built by members of 208 Field Hospital. Army personnel escorted visitors through the trenches, stopping at different points to explain more about military medicine in the trenches. The trench was exhibited in contrast to a modern military vehicle as used in conflict zones such as Afghanistan. 

Army medical personnel gave eight presentations over the event covering topics from Gas Gangrene to the role of doctors and nurses, both then and now.  

The exhibition also gave fascinating insights into the lives of several LMI members who gave their services during WWI, including Dr Noel Chavasse, Miss Frances Ivens and Sir Robert Jones. Frances Ivens was Liverpool's first female consultant and ran a military hospital for the French Red Cross, treating over 10,000 patients over the course of the war. Liverpool doctor Noel Chavasse served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to 1/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment and was killed on active service in 1918. The10th evolved into 208 Field Hospital. On display were 208 Field Hospital's Noel Chavasse collection, including his last known letter, written from the trenches, and his sword. 

Other items on display included numerous military uniforms, military provisions from 1914, trench gramophones, military vehicles, and trench foods provided by The Home Front. Please select from the menu above to see some of the exhibitions, watch the lectures and learn more about the Liverpool doctors and nurses who served during the war. 


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