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The Front Line - Trenches & Dressing Stations

We are indebted to 208 Field Hospital for their re-creation of a 1914 trench system and WWI Casualty Clearing Station in the LMI car park. Visitors were also able to see a 2014 Field Dressing Station and modern military vehicles, and listen to various demonstrations and re-enactments on the theme of military medicine past and present.

208 personnel outside the trench

Trench warfare talks

Visitors to the trenches

Major Bev Sapre, 208 Field Hospital

Dame Lorna Muirhead and visitors hear army personnel speak on 1914 trench life and medicine

Visitors discover more about modern military medicine

2014 medical supplies

Modern military medical vehicle

A visitor tries on some modern kit

1914 wash basin, canteen and teapot

1914 medical kit trunk

Sign for Advanced Dressing Station


Army personnel speak about life in 1914 trenches

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